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Currently it occupies area of 85,000square meters with beautiful environment and convenient transportation, among them there are 30,000 square meters of construction area and registered fixed assets is over 50million RMB Yuan. In addition, it possesses 8 advanced flocking assembly lines imported and produced by state including 2 lines in 3m width, such as washing machine, drying machine, finalizing design machine, pattern grinder, extrusion pattern, press pattern machine, drop plastic machine, transfer stamp machine, round net printing as well as other tail process of neatening equipments etc. Annually yield can achieve over 10million meters. In order to guarantee the quality of flocking products, we bought 50 knitting machines for manufacturing the base cloth of advanced flocking products. Every year we will open out more than 30 kinds of new products for flocking and drop plastic which widely used as materials for clothing, decoration, furnishings, case bags, shoe leather, toys, automobile seats and so on. Especially the flocking sponge blanket we researched this year filled the margin of one technique in mainland flocking field and widely exported to Occident. We obtained independent privilege of import & export. Our products are not only extremely popular in domestic textile market, but also export to overseas market such as America, European countries, South America, Middle East, Russia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Marketing center, owned directly, always keeps friendly supply and demand relationship with many textile products import & export Inc. Simultaneously we have established marketing network in most of domestic light textile industrial market in homeland. The annual capacity of produce and sale stands to the front in domestic flocking market.In order to suit environment require to our products in the world, we researched the static flocking fabric made in testa-element fiber and the production method together with professor of Donghua University-Yangjisong. We applied the national patent to this invention, which was filed in "Invention patent communique" in 2005. 

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  • Address: No 52 Weixing Road Cuiqiao Henglin Town Changzhou Jiangsu Province, China

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