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On the base of constantly exploring new generation technique and researching high-additional value flocking products since we founded the company in 1993, we have been dedicating on constructing higher-competitive sale service system. We absorbed sale ideas and used modern sale means in practical sale work. We step by step built perfect sale agent system in mainland and overseas market such as America, European countries, South America, Middle East, Russia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. We established modern computer management system, which realized the timing communication for customers with our company, so we could make in-phase market disposal to customers' information. The active product sale strategy will promote our products competitive power in international market.


  • Contact: Zuo liang(Owen)
  • Phone: 0086-13701598883
  • Email: Webmaster@xsflocking.com
  • Address: No 52 Weixing Road Cuiqiao Henglin Town Changzhou Jiangsu Province, China

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